I love the term ‘critical friend’, I find myself using it to describe my style, approach and even my solutions.

Whether that means I’m cheerleading or challenging, I’m always in the role of supporter – willing, encouraging and supporting the businesses I work with on towards success.

Here’s what being a critical friend looks like for me:

  • Having curiosity and concern about the context and challenges specific to your business
  • Working hard to look at your business questions from different angles
  • Encouraging real, unguarded conversations about what’s really going on
  • Sometimes asking some pretty hard questions – but only ever from a place of understanding and encouragement
  • Developing deep, authentic relationships where the frequency of support may vary but the trust remains
  • Always having your back – challenging and cheering you on to success

Leading a business can be really tough. Perhaps it’s time to get yourself a critical friend? A burden shared and all that…

Cara Halliwell is the Director of CE Change Ltd, a consultancy that specialises in helping businesses solve their people, process and technology challenges. For further information about the services we offer, click here.