Each one of your people has unique insight, wisdom and experience of serving their own particular customer group. If we want to deliver solutions that truly work for our customers, we need to tap into this pool of knowledge. We need to create project teams that capture this breadth of wisdom and give the people within them the power to define solutions and drive the change required.

Here are some ways in which you can share responsibility for leading change:

✅ Build project teams that ensure all of your customers are represented

✅ Create a culture within your projects where it’s ok to speak up and where even the daft questions are appreciated

✅ Recognise the value of sharing ideas and insight as much as progress towards your project goals

✅ Communicate openly and honestly about your project progress – and be prepared to ask for help when you hit a problem

✅ As a leader, be prepared to focus less on directing activity and more on motivating, making room for people to speak up and removing obstacles

How else can we rethink our approach to leading change and who gets to be powerful in our projects?

Cara Halliwell is the Director of CE Change Ltd, a consultancy that specialises in helping businesses solve their people, process and technology challenges. For further information about the services we offer, click here.