Albida Consulting LTD

The Challenge

Our customer, a global fashion retailer, had implemented Workday HCM but required consulting support with identifying opportunities for improvement in line with a global growth strategy and planned UK Payroll deployment. We were asked to complete a review of key Workday HCM business processes in line with the following strategic objectives:

  • Increase reach of Workday and core People processes
  • Optimise the People team to work more effectively and efficiently, reducing low-valueadded
  • Embed measures of success across core People Processes.

In addition, our customer required ongoing advisory support with their UK Payroll deployment to ensure high quality design decisions and professional project management.

The Solution

We engaged CE Change Ltd to perform a system review and provide recommendations for optimising the system, improving user adoption and ensuring readiness for the UK Payroll deployment.

Cara undertook this review, involving mapping the as-is processes, designing proposed to-be processes and providing detailed commentary of recommended changes.

Cara also provided ongoing advisory support for the Payroll deployment team through weekly Q&A sessions, review of project documentation, providing insight and advice with decision making and sharing lessons learned.

The Results

Cara completed the review, identifying various improvement themes and specific actions that our customer could take to achieve their strategic aims and futureproof their Workday build for the upcoming UK Payroll deployment. These recommendations were greatly appreciated by our customer and used to shape their global HCM strategy.

With Cara’s support, the UK Payroll deployment team were able to answer various outstanding design decisions, to plan and complete high quality and meaningful testing and ultimately to deliver the UK Payroll implementation project successfully and on time.