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Cara Halliwell

Founder and Director of CE Change Ltd

I have been interested in improving the way things are done in work since my earliest days in business – I couldn’t help but spot processes that were inefficient and look for better ways to do things that would reduce admin time, increase speed and use technology more effectively. I am endlessly excited by the opportunity to use transformation and change to give people the time and opportunity to reach their potential and better serve their customers.

I founded CE Change Ltd in 2015 with the aim of helping businesses to improve their people, processes and technology performance. We bring transformation insight plus hands-on experience of actually delivering change to guide and support customers as they go through the process of improving their own businesses. Working with a range of customers, we have solved all sorts of operational challenges and improved performance through reinventing processes, launching new technology and finding ways to free people up to focus on adding value. Further details about the services that we offer are available here.

I am absolutely passionate about transforming businesses for better futures – to me, this goes beyond improving mere profitability and instead involves looking for high quality, lasting solutions that look after people, the planet and the bottom line.

I also believe that it matters what we deliver and how we get there. Responsibility is a key value for my own company and Responsible Change principles are embedded into all of the work we do with clients.

If you are struggling with any sort of people, process or technology challenge, or just feel that you aren’t seeing the full potential of your most critical assets, I would love to see if we can help you. Click here to book your free 60 minute consultation with me or email me at

Cara Halliwell


Because it matters what you deliver and how you get there:

Sustainable Transformation

Translating your business priorities into intelligent, ethical and lasting solutions.

Responsible Change

Delivering your outcomes professionally whilst managing the impacts of change well.

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